Hurricane Matthew

Haitian’s Struggle in Wake of Powerful Storm

The Need for Help Has Never Been More Great

In the early morning hours of October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew slammed into the western part of Haiti – the Tiburon Peninsula, near the border of the Dominican Republic, as a Category 4 hurricane. The storm brought deadly rain that ripped off the roofs of houses, blew away the leaves on trees- leaving no shade and washed out a major bridge that connected the Southern Peninsula of the country.  The town of Jérémie took a direct hit experiencing intense winds for a combined nine hours.  Weeks after the storm, the death toll was estimated at 1,600 and damage estimated at nearly $2 billion.  At least 175,000 people were left homeless.

Many water sources that people relied on for clean water were compromised across the southern peninsula by either storm surge or overflowing sewage.  Tainted well water and rivers in the area often carry cholera bacteria and has sickened thousands since Matthew made landfall.  Water Life Hope has approximately 8 wells in this
.  Clean water is essential and to return to provide clean water filters to provide sanitary water to the
region, Water Life Hope is raising funds to bring potable water to hurricane victims.  If you can help please donate now.